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Cons of Social Media

In social media , there are disadvantages of the following six .
Addictive Information leakage and diffusion Flames Stalker Damage encounter and bullying incident Bullying

1. Addictive

We are surrounded by a lot of social media now, so it infects our life enormously.
And the users who get addicted to social media are increasing.
Why do they become addicted?
First, let's discuss the brain science of human .

側坐核To put it simply, they feel happy when they get reaction to their comment and they become addicted.
In the human brain, there is a part called the nucleus accumbens.
It works when you get "reward" like getting food, money and social approval.
It works when you get positive FEEDBACK using social media.
In American study, the more you spend your time on social media, the harder your nucleus accumbens work.
And the nucleus accumbens of those people work harder than other people.
On social media you don't always get the response on your comment.
"The reward you never know when you can get" has more addictiveness than "the reward you always get".
Because the human brain tries to expect when you can get reward.
Your brain cannot find the answer when you can get the reward, so you keep trying to find it, that is you cannot stop using social media.
Then you will be addicted.

Next let's think about it psychologically.
I itemaized the psychological reason why you will be addicted to social media.

● I do not want to be hated 中毒性 心理学

This is the major premise.
On social media, if you do not reply when you get the reaction to your comment, you will think they might hate you.
Then you cannnot stop watching social media. And you will be addicted.

● I want to have a lot of friends On social media, people who give a comment on your statement and people who come into the same community of you are increasing.
That stimulates the psychology that you want to have more friends.
Then you cannnot stop.

●The results come out in a easy way to compare On social media ,you can see the results in a easy way to compare. For example how many comments you get or who you are connecting with.
In the real world you do not know how many friends you have.
Unlike that, on social media you can see how many friends you have and that gives you a sense of pleasure.
Then you cannnot stop.

●You can feel free to reply
I can say this is the advantages of social media, but it also becomes a factor to become addicted .
On social media , you can get the reply in real time, and you can show the other people that you get reply.
So you cannot be away from it.
In addition, the social media which doesn't cause addictiveness won't be popular.
So, it is intended to make you addicted when it is invented.

.You have to be careful not to use too much.
.You have to be careful if you should go to the event when you are invited it.
.You have to habe the hobby to make yourself happy in the real world.

2. Information flow and diffusion

On social media the informain flow is so speedy, so you have to be so careful.
I itemaized about it.

● Specific position information 位置情報特定
Social media has the danger to be identified location information from a third party.
If you are using a mobile terminal such as a smartphone,
from the server, or from IP address if you are using a PC, anyone can get the location information.
I mean there is a possibility tha you inform where you are.
This cause an incident that your location information can be used for bad ends.

solution :

●Hoax is spreading
On social media, as I described above , the power of spreading information is so strong.
It might be hoax sometimes.
Especially in Japan people like to get these hoax or bad information.
So those information spread so quickly.

Judge which information is correct.

●Impact on the company
With the rapid spread of social media, the companies and the employees will use social media in some way.
It is no problem that employee use social media personally.
But sometimes it affects the company itself beyond the employee himself.
I will show you the examples in a bulleted list .

・ When the employee upload his personal opinion,
it might be accepted that it is the opinion of the entire company, and the company might be condemned.

For example, the employees who describe the company name say their opinion on their blog,
it might be accepted that it is his company's opinion and affects the company itself.
.The company inside skinny flows out from somebody's blog and it affects the stock value of the company

There are many cases some employees flows out the company inside skinny through social media.
That might affect the stock value of the company.
It means there is a danger that company information flows out so easily through social media.

.The company gets economic loss and it damages the company image

When employees who are telling a company name write something bad about the co-workers on the net, there is a possibility that the person who are said something bad finds your comment,
and that makes the office atmosphere so bad. Then you might have the hard time in the office.
The worst shing is that the employees write something bad about business partners.
It is not a story of social media, but this is completely out of moral.
And if that makes the company stop dealing with the business partners, it might be terrible situation.
But it happens so often.

・When you advertize the product your company makes on social media, it might be out of law sometimes.

When you advertize the product your company makes on social media, that might be out of law sometimes.
Thus, social media affects badly to companies.
Good examples are below.

.Hotel employees opened the information when the famous people used the hotel.
.You told your company that you were sick, but you uploaded the photo of traveling during your off.

solution : Emplpyees have to be careful about the possibility that your comment might be the big problem.


Eruption. Everybody knows the word eruption if you are using social media.
Eruption means that some comments on the net gets too much access and critical comments.
Why does it happen?
I categorized by individual and company.

.Uploading the practical joke photos
.Breach in confidentiality and divulging of information
.Too much criticism to somebody

< Company >
● Eruption social media turn cause
● Eruption employees or part time workers cause
● Eruption customers cause

Eruption occurs because even though you criticize somebody you won't show your face.
These days not only the commenter but the persons who get comments also feel amused in eruption.
This is becoming the big problem.

solution :
If you find eruption, you should give a reaction as soon as possible.
If you are individual, be careful not to give the source for controversy.
If you are a company, make the guideline how to use social media and if eruption occurs, you have to respond to it as soon as possible.

Supplement : Practical joke photos

Do you know that practical joke photos become the social problems now?
Some people upload the photos which is out of the law even.
Then eruption occurs so quickly.
Some people feel happiness when the photo makes eruption. They feel that somebody admits them.
Those photos makes us unpleasant.
And if the uploader is a Japanise, it is the shame of Japan.
Also it affects the company.
If employee upload joke photos, the company has to be resbonsible for them.
Sometimes the shop has to be closed.
I will show you an example here.

悪ふざけ写真 Somebody uploaded a practical joke photo on Twitter.
The person who uploaded it is an employee of big food chain.
He lied on the sink in the kitchen, and he uploaded the photo of it.
Then the food chain had to be closed and made 33 million yen debts.
Why did he upload the photo?
He said that he didn't mean to make eruption.
He thought nobody could find the shop.
After the eruption, what kind of situation did he go into?
He became infamous.
He caused the family, friends and shop in trouble.
His personal information flew out, so he is worrying if he can have a regular life from now or not.
He got a lot of critical comments from many many people.
That hurt his feeling, he said.

4 . Stalker

Stalker. On social media, it often happens to chase the stranger.
" Stalker " itself is a big problen not only on the net, but also in the real world.
But stalker incidents on social media is increasing especially on the social media.
I will show you an example here.

ストーカー被害 Victim : A
A was enjoying using social media every day and always looking forward to getting messages.
But one day one of the users gave her the comment which said he wanted to go out with her.
She gave him messages without listening properly, but he never gave up.
Finally she gave him the message which said to stop giving her messages.
Then things went worse suddenly.
From next day she got a lot of threatening messages.
Then he said he knew where she was living.
And there was her address in his e-mail.
She was scary and she moved to somewhere else.

This is an example.
But there are a lot of other cases.

5. Encounter damage

出会い被害 To meet the people that you met in social media is called "meet-up".
It gives you not only the pleasure but also the damage.

solution :
.When you upload the comment on social media, you have to be careful.
.Be careful not to argue with somebody.
.Don't write your address on the net.
.If you get the message from the stalker, you have to call the provider to stop sending messages and ask the police.

6 . Bullying

Do you know bullying on the social media is becoming popular recently?
Here, I will show you how bullying on " LINE " happens in the bullet approach.

いじめ ● Grouping, and somebody forces you to cancel the membership.
The LINE has a kind of community called " Group".
You can cause bullying to force one of members cancel the membership.
You never know who forces you to do that.
I do not know is , this is a technique that I ran out .

● Blocking

It is so-called " Shikato ", neglect. This is also one of bullying ways in the " LINE ".

● It has been read, but you cannot get the reply.

On the " LINE ", you can know that your comment is read or not.
If your message has been read, you expect the reply.
But you cannot get any reply.
So it can be caused bullying.

● Uploading the bullying video

The video bullying somebody is uploaded.
It will spread and many people share the bullying feeling.

● Sending too many stamps to make somebody unconnected to the LINE.

The " LINE " has a kind of emoji called " stamp".
By sending a lot of them, the other server will be full and you cannot connect on the LINE.
This is one of the bullying on social media .

solution :
You can configure the setting not to show already-read and unread. You should tell your friends you cannnot reply when you cannot.


We have interviewed about how they are thinking about disadvantages and problems of social media,
and what kind of provision they are thinking to make.
We cannot put their name because they want name withheld.
There is a law called "Environmental Improvement Law" in Japan.
It is the law to protect juvenile from accident on Internet.
In accordance with the law, it is important to do the filtering.

This is all for the page of the " advantages and disadvantages of social media ".
Thank you for reading. By the way,
What kind of possibility is there on the extension of" the advantages of social media"?

The following page is a summary of this site. If you are interested,
pls go to the page of the future of social media.

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