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The advantage of social media

There are eight advantages of social media as follows.
Real-time information circulation
To be able to get knowledge from experts
Loose connection
Getting rid of a lot of problems in our time
Useful for business
Relation to the local people
Measures for dealing with disasters

1. Real-time information circulation with N to N.

N対Nでのリアルタイムでの情報流通 Advantage of social media is it is on real time.
Information on social media is a live information.
Of course a live broadcast is a kind of live information.
But it costs a lot to broadcast and you have to do some action to watch it.
You can just watch news, but even then you have to get the news through the reporters' opinion.
I mean the information circulation on social media is a new way to convey information on real time.

Investigation : his is the new style to convey information!
You have to judge if the information is correct or not.
But it doesn't cost at all and you can get information on real time.



To send out a socially important message like conference on Twitter is called "Tsuda-ri".

2.To be able to get knowledge from experts


You can get a lot of information from different angles by many experts on social media.
For example, you can FOLLOW an expert's account on Twitter.
On Twitter, you can FOLLOW the person who send the message.
So you might get the information you don't expect sometimes.
Even though the information you get is the one you don't expect, that gives you an opportunity to get information from different angles or to get an accidental information.
Thus social media can make the person who can get a proffesional knowledge and that makes you think in different angles.

3.Loose connection

Social media can release you from the local community. Social media is the tool that you can meet a lot of people in different places and make loose connection with you.

4.Getting rid of a lot of problems in our time

Social media can bring the people closer and solve the anxiety and problems in the present world. In fact, there are a lot of cases that social media can help the people work or select the school to go.


It is fun!! Why is it fun? Because...
.you can talk a lot with the people who have the same hobby.
.you can have the feeling that you are always with your friends.
.you can be happy because you can get the response on your comment.
.you can make your own group or community and talk deeply with your friends.
.you can do meet-up.
I mean social media brings the pleasure to the users.

6.Useful for business

It can be useful for business.
I will give you concrete exaples here.
.Social media can help you work.
Social media can help you work. On social media you can tell your human nature, hobbies and life style that you cannot writh enough on your curriculum vitae.
It gives the company more information about you, the companies which have incorporated the idea of social media to adopt employees are increasing.

.The grapevine spreads so quickly.
Everybody can use social media and it has the power to make the grapevine spread so quickly.
Some companies use the social media to advertize their product through the grapevine.

.It is a useful tool to listen to users' opinion.
Some companies are using social media to invent new products or pay claimes quickly.
Social media tells the company what the costomers really want and that makes a deep connection to each other.
In fact the major convenience store company and telephone company are using social media to communicate their customers.

.It helps the customers brand their products.
So far the companies tended to use mass media to advertise their products.
But these days how much the companies can listen to the customers' demand is more important than advertisement.
So as I said above, social media is so useful to advertise their products.

7.Relation to the local people


Do you know the "Local SNS"?
You can connect with local people with it.
You can feel relieved about it because only the local people can use it.
And you can get useful information about where you are living and share it with your neighbourhood.
In fact some people said the local SNS encouraged them to have their old life.

8.Measures for dealing with disasters


Social media has real-time information, so it is useful as the meaures for dealing with disasters.
Actually when the big earthquake occured in 2011, a lot of administrative system started to use it.



We interviewed the the management company of social media about the advantage.

They said it has a lot of possibility to help people even from now or invent more convenient products.
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