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Analysis of utilization situation

1.users 2.users separated by age 3.coefficient of use by type 4.devices used for social media 5.add-up


You can see the circular chart below and it says the users of social media is 42.9% all over Japan. And among them the users using only one media are 17.5%, and the ones using several media are 25.4%. The users using several media is 60% of the total. Among people who are not using social media, the ones who have used before but are not using now are 10% and the ones who have never used are 47.1%.

図2 図1

consideration : Among people who are not using social media, the ones who have used before but are not using now are only 10%?? Maybe if you have used once, you can never stop using it.

2.Users separeted by age

図3 You can see the bar chart on the right. It says users of social media are 71.7% in their teens and 22.3% in their sixties.
And it also says the users who are using several media are almost 70% in their teens but only half of it in their sixties.

add-up : Younger people are using social media much more than older people.

3.Coefficient of use by type

Next let's see the coefficient of use by type by generations and by sex.

図4 When you see the total, SNS is the most popular media and 75.2% people are using SNS. 54.8% people are using blog and 50% people are using Twitter. 33.1% people are using the bulletin board and 17.6% people are using local SNS. 16.1% people are using mini blog.

consideration : The percentage of using SNS, blog and Twitter is high.

図5Next let's see the generations. Look at the chart on the right. SNS, Twitter and mini blog are used by young people and local SNS is used by senior people. The bulletin board is used by middle aged people and blog is used by every generation.

図6Let's see the differences by sex. Look at the chart on the right. Men are using social media more than women especially on Twitter and bulletin board. Women are using blog more than men instead. Mini blog is used by everyone.


consideration : The local SNS, bulletin board and blog are used by older people. Amazing!

4.Devices used for social media

図8 Look at the chart on the right. Most people are using computers to do social media. But youger people are coming in predisposed to using mobile phones, PHS and smart phones. Especially half of teenagers and one third of twetysomething are using mobile devices.

add-up : All generation is using computer to enjoy social media but younger people is mainly using mobile devices.

condicil:About "net by smart phone"

About "net by smart phone" The percentage of having smart phones doubled in 2011 and 2012. And the percentage of the people who are using Internet on smart phones has doubled since 2011. The percentage of the people who are using Internet on mobile phones decreased by 9.3%.

consideration : Smart phones are getting so popular and as it gets popular the people who does Internet by smart phones are increasing.

5.Add-up of this page

So that means that youner people are using social media more and they use several media. They mainly use SNS, Twitter and mini blog. Younger people are using mobile devices.

The page is over. Next, Let's go to the page of advantage and disadvantage of social media.GO!

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