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What is the social media?

Thank you for coming to our homepage!
This is the first page to know what the social media is.
We will introduce it easily.

Social media is one of media that was invented for everybody to send messages easily and spread them socially.
Twitter is one of them.
Media means to send information and newspaper is one of mass media.
Information is sent by Individual to individual or individual to group or group to group through web service.
That makes the community and spreads socially and affects the life.
These days it makes troubles even.
For example, it arouses stalker, or bullying.
It is becoming the center of public attention as new media,
but on the other hand it has a lot of

So let's think about it with us and study more about it.
How is the social media running?
If you are interested in it, please go to the page of schematic of social media.

top page the schematic of social media

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