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The social media in coming world

Let's talk about the social media in coming world.

中川Let's discull about the coming social media.

定梶From now on? There are a lot of possibilities. Let's review it.

中川Yes. It has the possibilities that tie the people to use it and affect a lot in the real world to solve their anxiety and problems.

定梶Not only for that, but also for companies it has possibilities.

中川 Ah yes. It gives high quality markiting if you can use it safely.

定梶Oh yeah!

永瀬I hope there will be no information flowing. You can be careful for not flowing information out. But the location information. I hope it has the technique not to send the location information.

中川Yes. Then we can use it more safely. But we have to be careful not to be addicted anyway. And the flowing information. We have to judge the right information.

定梶I think so too.

中川The communication on social media works to make the new relationship to the people you cannot meet in the real world. So I hope we can use it in the right way.

The coming social media. Let's think about it with us even if you are using it or not.

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