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Meeing on social media

Let's discuss about meeting on social media.

中川Let's talk about meeting on social media.

定梶Let's review it.

中川It means meeting your friends who you knew on social media.

永瀬It might be a good thing, but sometimes a bad thing.

中川Yeah. We call "meet-up" to meet. It is fun to meet your friends. So it can be a good thing. But sometimes you will be involved in trouble through meeting. So it might be a bad thing.

定梶Yeah. It is a difficult problem.

中川We presented the solution which is that you have to be really careful when you meet the friends you have known on the net.

定梶Yes. I don't want to meet anybody because I feel uneasy about meeting them.

中川Well, you have to judge by yourself anyway. But I agree with you not to meet your net friend easily. If the person wants to know about your personal data, you should never meet him or her.

永瀬It is fun to do meet-up. So if you can be careful, it is a good thing to do.

Let's think about it with us!

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