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Flowing information out on social media

Let's discuss about flowing information out on social media.

中川Let's discuss about flowing information out on social media.

定梶There are many kinds of flowing. Let's review it.

中川ソSocial media might send your location information.
定梶eah. It is scary.


中川 We presented some solution like not to upload your photos or information to specify you. Or to set the password to show your message only among the people you accept. Or to set the computer not to send the location information.

定梶Yes. But those measures cannot protect you 100%.

永瀬You have to be careful every day.

中川Yes. To use social media has some risk always.

中川By the way, the flowing informaion means not only the location information but also other information.

永瀬Yes. Like a false rumor?

定梶But if you don't send a false rumor, it can be the solution, can't it?

中川No no.It is not like that. Even though you don't send it, you might believe other rumors.

定梶Oh yes. I forgot about it.

中川How can we decide which information is correct and which is false?

定梶Why don't we just judge by yourself when you read it?

中川 No. If you can do it, there will be no problem. But actually there is a possibility that the information is correct even though it is so amazing. And on the other hand even though it sounds so real, it might be false.

永瀬That is the problem of social media.

中川Yes. But that cannot be the reason not to use it. Because it is fun and convenient!

定梶 I mean we shouldn't believe it right away because there are huge amount of information on social media.

中川I think so, too.

永瀬It affects even companies, doesn't it?

中川Yes. But we don't have to care about it. We are not employees.

定梶Yes, we do. We will become an employee some day soon.


永瀬Yes. I don't want my information to flow out when I start to work.

中川We presented the solution that employees should be careful to send comments on the net because it might affects the company and yourself.

定梶Yes. You have to be careful not to be misunderstood that your comment means the company comment.

中川 I may use two different accounts. One is for co-workers and the other is for anybody. If I want to send messages to co-workers, I use the account. And when I want to send my opinion, I will use another account. It might work. Don't you think so?

永瀬I agree with you.

定梶Anyway you have to realize you are a member of the company when you use it.

Let's think about it with us!

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