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The addictiveness of social media

We discuss about the addictiveness of social media. If you want to know more about it, go to the page of disadvantage of social media.

MN:Let's talk about the addictiveness of social media.

KJ:Addictiveness...Let's review it again.

M‥Well,you can get the response for your comment and make a lot of friends. And that makes you happy human-brain scientifically and psychologically. So you will be addicted to it.

TYeah. That's right.

MI can understand that. I don't know if I am addicted to it or not, but I really like using it. Because I feel happy when I get a lot of Followers on Twitter. Maybe everybody feels like me.

TIn my case, when I talk with friends on LINE, I feel not to reply is impoloite. So even though I am busy, I try to reply to them.

MI see. Maybe you are right.

KYes. This is the social media.

TBut if it escalates, anybody can be addicted to it. Then you cannot study for exams because you cannot stop using it. What can we do then?

M The answer is on the page of disadvantage of social media. The solution is that you should set the time to use it and find other hobbies except social media.

TOh, yes. You should tell yourfriends that you cannot use it on some time. If you can meet them only on social media, you should send them messages. I could solve my problem!

M‥Hey, this is the page to find answers together. It is not the page to solve your own problem. But you are correct.

KYes. We can use it without being addicted by doing it.

Let's think with us!

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