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Introduction of our site

We are trying to study Social Media whichi is popular now.
Social Media is a generic name for Twitter, LINE e.t.c.
By the way, do you know there are a lot of people who are involved in trouble because of social media?
Social media is fun to do and it has a lot of benefit.
But on the other hand if you don't have the right knowledge to use it, you might be involved in trouble.
So how can we enjoy using it without any trouble?
We want you to have the right knowledge to use it and enjoy using it safely through our site.
Social media has a various kind of possibility for future.
We want you to think about it with us and help our life be better.

The motive for this study

One day I wondered if I should keep using social media when I knew the trouble which was a kind of stalker through social media and when I saw the practical joke photo which was uploaded.
That was how I started to be interested in social media.
I tried to find if there are any answers to solve these problems.
And I knew a lot about social media.
But these days users of social media almost never know those things.
It might increase the problems if we leave them like now.
We discussed about it and decided to make the web site to think about it.
We think that is what we have to do.
We hope you can get the right knowledge through our web site and you can use social media pleasantly and safely.
We also hope you can think about the possibility for future with us.

How to use our web site

Basically you can click the left bars to go to the page you want to see.
We also came up with various ideas to make our page easy to use.
The following marks are our ideas to make our page easier to use.

Investigation : We wrote our inbestigation.


We picked up some important words and explained them.

Add-up : You can confirm the important part of each paragraph.

Summary of this page : You can read the summary of each page.

Pink letters・・・・・・We colored pink on difficult words.

Orange letters・・・・・・We colored orange on important words.

Are you ready? Go!!

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