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Hello! Thank you for coming to our page!!
This is the web site to enjoy studying social media.
Then why do we have to study social media?
Because it is so popular these days, but on the other hand it makes other problems that users get involved in incidents or flow information from companies.
But it has infinite potential in the future.
So we want you to have the right way to use it and help you keep out of problems.
We also have the page of our talking to think about it with us.
This is the web site to answer your question about social media.
Appearing below are 4 important topics we pick up to learn about social media.
If you are interested in them, please click on the questions in the following.
It leads you to the page to answer them.
We also have quiz page.
What is social media?
If you didn't know the word "social media",go to this page.
Who is using social media?
If you are interested in who is using social media, go to this page.
What is advantage and disadvantage of social media?
Social media has good advantage but on the other hand it has disadvantage.
How it is going in the future?
Social media is so popular now.
What is potential in the future?
We thought about it on this page.

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